School Policy

In order to improve the quality of education and discipline of Bravura Music students, the following rules are stipulated:

General Rules

  • Students are required to have their own stationeries and other learning supplies while lesson is in session.
  • All students should be dressed clean, neat and appropriate.
  • All students must follow the instructions and lessons given by Bravura‚Äôs teachers in an orderly, attentive and disciplined manner.
  • Students are not allowed to use facilities/classrooms outside class hours without school permission.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the class without the consent of the teacher.


  • Course is given 4 (four) times a month, 1 (once) a week for all types of classes, 30 minutes per lesson.
  • Students are required to attend a lesson on the appointed time. There will be no extra time in late arrivals.
  • If a student is unable to attend a lesson on the appointed time without any prior notice, said lesson will be deemed as lesson passed, and will not be rescheduled and the tuition cannot be withdrawn.
  • If a teacher is unable to attend a lesson on the appointed time, the teacher may be replaced by a substitute teacher, or rescheduled as agreed-upon between teacher and student. If the student is not present on said agreed-upon day yet again, the teacher has no obligation to carry out another lesson and the tuition cannot be withdrawn.


  • The payment for tuition must be in full and paid upfront not later than the 10th day of every month. Late payment is subject to fines according to prevailing terms.
  • For students whose lesson begins in the middle of the month, the course fee is the amount of a 1 (one) month course fee.
  • Students who are still active but have not yet paid the course payment, will not be allowed to attend learning activities.


  • Lessons are not held on national holidays.
  • Lessons which fall on the 5th week will not be held.
  • If the student is on vacation / leave, administrative fees will still be charged.In the event that said student does not make a payment, the school will assume that the student have resigned and will only be able to attend lessons by re-registering and paying both registration fee and course fee.