Rp. 550.000 (4 sessions in a month)

Most musicians agree that piano is the best FIRST instrument! Learn to play the piano in a positive, encouraging learning environment. 30-minutes fast-paced, fun classes includes singing, dancing, percussion instruments, ear training, pre-note reading, and rhythm training while learning to play the keyboard. Music for Little Mozart is a preparatory piano course for ages 4 – 6 years old. This award-winning, innovative piano introduction course offers a fun, imaginative and enjoyable learning experience for young beginners. Music for Little Mozart curriculum is specifically designed to teach young beginners using a combination of a piano, music and movement.

“Many people fail to recognize the importance of grasping the basics when it comes to learning piano. Mistakes that beginners make and does not correct in time before it becomes a habit will become a hindrance as they try to advance in the grades and level. The time and effort spent to un-learn the mistakes and re-learn the correct methods can be frustrating, and especially confusing for kids. This is why it is so important to be taught by a good teacher right from the beginning. You can save time, money and establish a strong foundation by learning with an experienced piano teacher.”


"It is our passion to help you become the pianist that you have always wanted to become."