KINDERMUSIC (Group Music Lesson) (45 minutes)

Nothing beats the excitement of having lesson with your friends! “KINDERMUSIC” program offers a super fun, friendly and motivating group music lesson for kids (ages30 months– 4 years old). This group music lesson will encourage your children to be more creative and to help your children develop their understanding of musical elements. Our curriculum of group music lesson is a wonderful prelude to successful music study. Children will sing, dance and participate in activities that develop rhythmic pulse while meeting some new friends.Though these classes appear to be “just fun”, the curriculum is rich in musical content for the young child. The melodies children sing and dance to are the tunes many of them will later play at ages (4 and up) on their chosen instrument, such as piano, violin, guitar or cello. Parental involvement is required in this lesson.

“Learning piano is a great way to exercise your brain. As you learn to control your hands separately and memorize pieces, you are stretching your working memory and strengthening parts of your brain. The early stage of learning piano is a critical period, that’s why choosing your first piano teacher is an important decision.”


"It is our passion to help you become the pianist that you have always wanted to become."