This course is perfect for all levels and it is specifically tailored to an adult learner. Even if you’ve never played before or if you simply wish to rekindle your lost passion for tickling the ivories, we will help you achieve your musical goals.So regardless of where you are in your current piano development, we are committed to make a massive, lasting difference to your piano playing for years to come. Our teachers will take great care to help you learn properly and we will make sure that you learn in the right manner building upon solid foundation.


The Exam Preparation courseĀ is designed to help you prepare for your ABRSM piano exams, from grade 1 to grade 8. This lesson is conducted on an individual basis. Each weekly lesson consists of both practical piano and theory elements. Students will learn to read and interpret music, be trained on skills needed for the supporting tests like sight – reading, aural (ear training) and technique. All students are expected to keep up regular practice in order to move on successfully in the graded exams. Mini tests will be conducted at intervals to gauge the student’s preparedness.


"It is our passion to help you become the pianist that you have always wanted to become."