Our foundation is based on classical training. Our piano lessons include Sight Reading, Ear Training, Harmony & Theory, Expanding Repertoire, Performance Skills, Enhancing Creativity, and much more. This means, we don’t simply provide basic piano learning skills but rather cover all aspects of piano instruction, from theory, to technique, to performance. Lessons in Bravura Music are conducted in an environment that all students are comfortable in. Since we cater to a great population of beginners from young to adult, ensuring they are comfortable with us is necessary in order to bring out their true abilities. The lessons are as professional as they are fun; as enjoyable as they are productive. We don’t take the fun out of learning how to play piano – instead, we promote a fun side to it so students can become more interested and engaged in learning

Our specialty at Bravura Music is that we develop our training and instruction according to each student’s pace and ability. We not only recognize but also explore the uniqueness of every young pianist and do our best to ensure their individual ability is only enhanced further with our instructions. We don’t believe in generic classes and will always continue to provide one on one piano classes that are ideal for each and every student.